Statues in your town

We’ve got a few

George Vancouver

King John!

Frederick Savage (Victorian fairground maker)

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We’re getting Gandhi statues everywhere (around the world) soon as part of some nonsense vanity project. I sat in on a meeting about the Manchester one and the council agreed to foot the bill (somewhere between 70-90k), they’re despertaly trying to attach meaning to it (and keep that figure secret) by placing it near Manchester Arena, i presume to bolt on some Arena Attack meaning when in fact they were happy to pay and place it anywhere as they’re cosying up to the man running the project and they only started to plan an actual tribute to the arena attack victims about 10 months after the Gandhi agreement.

King John looks like he’s in a Cher video


No real statues of note (small town) but we do have a large rock painted like an eagle.


Hometown has a very problematic one I’ve mentioned in other thread. They should tear it down and put up a Pat Jennings statue imo.

My new town has this nice statue called Johnny The Jig dedicated to a boy killed in a car accident in the 50s.


Our village doesn’t have a statue. But a big beautiful oak tree had to be mostly cut down because of a disease. Everyone was gutted but the good news is that a wood carver is going to turn the trunk into a statue of a quarrymen. I’m quite excited about this.

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In football terms, what Clough achieved at Forest was unprecedented and borderline miraculous tbf.


they also erected a statue of a huge pig from one of his books outside the theatre next door, which @Scout might prefer


alright they DEFINITELY deserve a statue, I pop the stuff like Smarties.

Not on topic, but is the Wimpy in that really horrible shopping centre still open? The shopping centre from which you can enter the quite good caves. For some reason I’ve had two meals there.

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I thought he was doing a wanker gesture for a second


Sorry, I should stay out of this thread but I’m very anti-public statues (unless they’re nice art works (though I guess that’s public sculpture) but all the stuff of merit gets inevitably “put into storage” and all the depictions of war mongers and wrong 'uns remain)


it should only be a matter of time


Groningen has a horse with a big bum


I don’t know of any statues but there is a sculpture trail

Me too, when my joints are bad. I’d be fucked without ibuprofen.

That wimpy is sadly no more. :sob:

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I do! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

even though the fella doesn’t have a face you can tell how proud he is of the horse’s bum, fair play


But it’s only football

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owh, there was a lovely old fella in there who took such great pride in his work, it really touched me. Hope he found a new fast food restaurant to work in.

The only one I could really think of in my town is one of these. On top of one of the war memorials, I actually really like her (used to live near her park) though can’t find a photo that does her proper justice - she looks excellent when the light catches her torch just right.