Statues, sculptures, permanent street art: what's your favourite?



Thread for pics and explanations.


I was quite taken with these guys who I passed in Malmö a few weeks back:


I like :ok_hand:


Not a favourite as such, but this always reminds me of shopping trips to the exciting metropolis of Basildon

Passmore’s Apollo Pavillion has always impressed me as well:

Calder’s Flamingo really works in its setting, against the Mies skyscrapers behind


Quite enjoyed this one in Copenhagen


yessss that one’s lovely



butt plug gnome in rotterdam


pics pls



bumped into this smaller version in Yerevan too


Before old enough to go to pubs my pals would go down the river, one guy set the bench on fire (don’t condone this, the guy was a fool). Weirdly the council decided to replace the bench with a weird bench/sculpture of flames :fire: as if to commemorate the original bench. Don’t think it is there any more but that was my favourite, liked have a sculpture weirdly linked to my youth


Saw a similar thing in Tokyo a few years ago


big fan of when kids used to fill this up with washing up liquid and flood ramsbottom town centre with bubbles



Always liked these two absolute legends outside the Kafka museum in Prague


Love all of these so far


Ramsbottom! Not been there for ages


They’re taking over


Not sure anything’s gonna top the seabird bollards outside Morrisons in Morecambe.