Statues, sculptures, permanent street art: what's your favourite?



Vampire rabbit in Newcastle?


theres nowt there apart from that and the east lancs railway tbf, unless youre walking up holcombe hill


The Catford Cat



not sure how permanent this one will be but I’m enjoying it a lot atm

EDIT: Nothing is permanent


The wooden animals in plymouth city centre.


Hachiko the dog’s statue in Japan. That story is so pure :sob:


There are some funny signs around the Powerhouse near where I live. This one’s my favourite though.

images (4)


Makes me weep just thinking about it :cry:


I remember it being rather pleasant


i mean its fine for a visit but bit boring if you live round there


I’ve always liked this sculpture outside Cork’s County Hall.

Never realised they were supposed to be looking up at Liberty Hall first. KNOWLEDGE


Same :sob:


Murals/sculptures i dig a lot include:



Second one is ARCY


These two guys in the town centre. It’s good luck to rub a certain area! I’m sure you can guess where.
Also have this fountain/statue number
Which always makes me laugh because I was out drinking with a friend once and she didn’t have a bike lock with her, so she just put her bike in the pond bit with the logic “it’s dark, so no one will see it to steal it!” Which did work to be fair but also… what?


is the top one by Sophie Ryder?
she used to have a couple outside Cartwright Hall in Bradford, loved them


Kafka and the Golem in Prague.


I just googled it and it is! She’s from around these parts apparently. Oooh, that IS a lovely statue! Apparently she’s a big fan of hares :slight_smile:


Not really street art but I like the series of narnia wood carvings on fallen trees and benches in my local park:


Second one feels very Mononoke! <3