Statues, sculptures, permanent street art: what's your favourite?



That’s ace. There’s some nice public art in Manchester at the moment.


Aryz <3


Always found this chap fairly inspiring during my morning powerwalks through The City…



He puts me in mind of a young Dean Martin


I cannot remember the last time that fountain in Basildon was actually on, looks pretty depressing when it is dry and surrounded by rubbish.
This was always my favourite bit of Basildon art, mostly because of the hexagon background being one of the more interesting building features locally:

(could not find a better/larger picture)


Oh yeah, I remember that. Is it somewhere near where the Savacentre used to be?


It is on the left as you go down from the fountain, past Brooke House and towards Toys’R’Us. It used to have Pizza Hut underneath it.
That part of the town centre could actually look alright if they gave it a good clean, it is so fucking dirty it is ridiculous.


From my home town - actually looks better in the flesh (stone?):


And one from not too far from where I work - always been quite fond of the Birmingham Bull:



Ah, yeah, by the sunken square area.


Yep, that’s the place.


Oh, I remember this one, in the Eastgate Centre, between SavaCentre and Charsleys the shoe shop:


Looks a bit like the clock that was in The Victoria Centre in Nottingham


that third one is :ok_hand:


oh my friend you’ll fucking love this:


love this of hers from yorkshire sculpture park :heart_eyes: *(@shrewbie)


ill be honest, i dont really know whats going on in that video there


Not quite as sexy as some of these, but used to be a big fan of the humble Deptford Anchor…



Until Lewisham council removed it without consultation :-1:


Reason given was that street drinkers would sit on it and, err, drink. In fairness, it is actually fairly useful to have somewhere to sit down if you’re street drinking :+1:



oh he built the sculpture to move with the eyes as you walk around it (for a while)


ah! this is what i was hoping the answer would be but that is VERY good


My work have installed a massive sculpture of Friedrich Engles’ beard recently.