Statues, sculptures, permanent street art: what's your favourite?



The only tourist thing I did there


I only vaguely remember it in that location, it has been languishing up on the first floor by the lifts for a couple of decades now! They also got rid of the fountain part, feels like Basildon can’t be trusted with water features any more…


This cat with the big balls


anybody into Verity? I am, but feel I’m very much in a minority


I like this full-sized dray horse outside the old Eldridge Pope brewery in Dorchester

I’m not sure how many people have actually broken their arms, legs, necks after drunkenly clambering on to the back of him but I’d imagine it’s probably getting on for twenty now.



Doesn’t need an explanation, it’s the best ever


postman in the south of France made this in his garden out of random stones he picked up, which is fucking outrageous.