Stay home. Stay safe. Stay connected, with virgin media

Anyone else seen this ad? It might be the lowest any advertisement has ever sunk. Pure distilled pisswater


yeah made me really annoyed. can’t believe the type of cunt exists who looks at the current crisis and thinks “ooh… we can probably sell some more broadband off the back of this”

will they have paid those folk to use them in their advert? doubt it

whole thing’s a complete bollocks

Thought this was gonna be another ‘The Keir Starmer Story’


lol virgins

The worst bit is the Frightened Rabbit knock off song. Who the fuck is that?

good work, virgins marketing dept

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Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 22.01.12

One of the things some kids in our street have chalked on their garden wall has a list of key workers on it, including ‘virgin men’. Lol.


Ugh they even shamelessly used the clap for carers thing and the crying paramedic to sell their shitty broadband which a) is slow as hell becsuse everyone is home and b) owned by greedy bastard Richard Branson


Good work virgins.


You should see the ads in america right now

The car financing one strikes me as particularly gross

Wouldn’t mind quite as much if their broadband wasn’t so shit it makes wfh much harder.