Steak Thread

How do you like yours:

  • Black
  • Well Done
  • Medium
  • Medium Rare
  • Rare
  • Moo!
  • How dare you! I’m a vegan / vegetarian / pescatarian / delete as appropriate

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I like it medium rare - but in some places I will say rare cos lots of places overcook their steak

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This steak chat isn’t going to make itself you know.

anything above medium rare is a waste

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medium rare in the states, rare in most places over here.

When asked, I respond:

“However the chef recommends”

It’s an approach I’d recommend

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  • Fries
  • Chunky chips
  • Baked potato
  • Roasties
  • Boiled
  • Dauphinois
  • Mash
  • No potato

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none of these are types of steak


I’m a medium rare man myself too, with a side order of anxiety about asking for that and it sounding like the cop out option of someone who wants to send edgier than medium but can’t cope with rare.

Depends on the steak but usually medium rare

Who said they were? The question was how do you like it, not which cut do you like.

I like it to not be overcooked but to not bleed on the plate, so medium, i guess.

Steak accompaniment innit.

Have you been to LatinoAmerica in Hove?

That’s some tasty steak

if it’s a decent restaurant: rare
if it’s a chain / questionable quality: medium rare / medium

Think I only order steak when I’m not convinced that anything else in the menu will definitely be lactose free, i.e. at every work meal at some wank “contemporary British” restaurant ever

True. But if you responded “boiled” when asked “how would you like your steak cooked” I think you’d be setting yourself up for a fall

I know it’s controversial but I really really like mash with steak. It’s really good for the sauce.

In New York I had pan fried mash where it had a crust on it which was just amazing.

EDIT; found the actual recipe from where we went here:

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If you order a steak medium and there’s no pink in it, do you send it back?

Had a crap steak recently because it was overdone but felt it would be too insulting to send it back (even though it was them who got it wrong).