Steak Thread

How do you feel about mixed grills? Always a bit shit aren’t they. None of the meat is ever cooked to the way you want it. Always quantity over quality.

Thank you for clarifying laelfy. I apologize for my pedantry

The canteen mixed grill is the grimmest option possible, and I will one day stop having it.


no - I’m not ballsy enough for that sort of caper

just tell myself off for ordering steak in a place that’s no good at steak

But a Brazilian place with the meat on swords? That;s basically a mixed grill

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Yeah, went there for my birthday last year, maybe the year before? Was quite impressed since it was my vegetarian girlfriend’s suggestion (she had omelette, or something).

Surprisingly, Cote do a decent steak.

The best steak I ever had was in a restaurant in the lanes which has gone now. They didn’t bring out steak knives, which I scoffed at, but it was such good steak, so well cooked, that you didn’t need them. Incredible beer list too. But the next time I went they’d gone really downhill, then they got a dodgy hygiene rating and they closed down. Ho hum.

depends on the place innit

if it’s some cheapo pub or something don’t really give a fuck. but if i’m paying £££ then i’m kicking up shit about it.

…even then depends on the night. i’m not ruining someone’s birthday complaining about a steak being slightly over or whatever.

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yeah Cote is solid

The Coal Shed is the obvious Brighton shout - and is very good if a bit pricey

Think this is the right time to post the steak platter you get at one of my nearby pubs


Do they pitch that as a mixed grill? Been a while since I was last in Lincoln’s premiere brazilian restaurant.

Fine, but what’s everyone else having?

Wonder if there’s a special kind of twat who always goes on about having rare steaks, prides themselves on beaing able to eat hot curries, doesn’t have sugar in their tea, and pretends whisky’s spelt with an e.


you ever had steak from the butchershop across from kelvingrove? it’s fucking magic, they do a decent midweek offer too


I’ve forgotten what they are called - I went to one in Florida and it was the fullest I have ever been in my life - they just keep bringing out delicious flame grilled meats until you pass out from meat sweats

That’s between two


steak and chips look amazing but i always find cabbage ‘mix’ a bit bleak

ever been to a restaurant where you get a big stone in the middle of the table and you cook your own steaks?

can be fun, but rather other folk do all the work for me

Ah yeah, that was last year’s. It was a birthday lunch while the boy was at nursery. They cocked up my other half’s order so we got all our drinks free. The only other people were a bunch of estate agents / salesmen though, which was a bit annoying.

yeah, that place is decent