Stealth likes



Do you ever wait for someone else to like a post because you don’t want to be the one who prompts the poster to get a notification*, or do you just like with reckless abandon?

  • Wait till someone else likes it first
  • Like what I want when I want
  • Rarely like any posts at all
  • Like lots of posts because I think there should be more happiness in the world

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*By default, the first person who likes a post / reply will create a notification for the author that explicitly tells them who it was that liked their post / reply. By being the second, third, forth (and so on) liker, your like will not create a notification.


Depends, if the reply was to someone else I think that person should be first dibs on the like, once that has happened or someone else has liked it it is fair game


Also you do get a notification for all likes if your settings are set that way


Yeah I get notified for all likes so this won’t work on me.


But what sort of psychopath woul- oh




I’m a big fan of seeing a good post on 9 likes and then knocking it over the line for the old perfect ten.


Only the 11,400 likes given out so far - you lucky people. 24,300 received though so still winning.


Still get a twinge of nostalgia when somebody uses the classic ^this

It’s the hand-written thank-you note of the digital age


Nearly there…


It’s Thursday


And now I just got to do it to you! YAAAAAASSSS :beers::beers::beers:




Thought this thread might be about the ghost like* phenomenon. Saw one the other day for the first time.

*A ghost like is when you see a post liked by another user in real time (like count goes up), only for the like to be retracted a second or two later (like count goes down).

Seen a ghost like?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Eh?

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I think spreading the love is one of the ways I became this months joint User of the Month


What joints have you been using hahahahahahahaha


:ghost: :arrow_right: :open_mouth:

:bread: :arrow_right: :slight_smile:




have any <3 Like tshirts been made yet?


my likes given to likes received ratio is 5:1 - you lot don’t deserve me