Steamed hams but it's the Simpsons shitposting thread


I avoided all Twin Peaks shitposting groups because I fell behind watching the thing itself. but this is clearly a goldmine.


don’t worry all of my posts in here are stolen



Anyway I KNOW we’re not supposed to post Steamed Hams stuff in here but this one to the tune of All Star is probably the pinnacle of human achievement so I don’t care


how is that even possible? that’s fully fucking amazing


Mods, I think we’ve got to allow this one. I’m fervently anti-steamed hams, but this is actually good.


some people are more equal than others eh?


Good lord what is happening in there :joy:


absolutely lost it at this


this has completely, completely, done me. had to pause it halfway to calm down.


Made the mistake of watching this in the office and nearly chewed through a pen.


Nope, sorry. Rules are rules. You can’t handle steamed hams at their worst, you don’t deserve them at their best.


Uh oh






Wasn’t entirely sure whether to post this in the ambient thread or the simpsons shitposting thread.




someone needs to stick a beat on that. could be some high quality techno


You have to be impressed by the level of detail in this