Steinageddon - The Mexicing (Rick Stein Mexico E4(?))


Please deposit your thoughts and observations below.


What food is he going to hate tonight?

Will he be making sort of Cornish pasty/empanada hybrid?


Same thing, aren’t they?




I am not watching this, but I enjoyed the title of this thread. Enjoy your show guys :wave:


here we here we here we fuckin go


You should


Could definitely go a margarita now like.

A cocktail, not a pizza.


“i really like guadalajara” he says through gritted teeth




Wouldn’t it be great if we just saw him building speaker cones in the kitchen in Padstow?


He hates the corn soda.


Nice man.


Looks like sewage water


‘I know I go on too much about stuff’ - Rick Stein, 2017


Takes a sip, pulls a face
This is really, really nice


I am sure it is great viewing, but I am enjoying some pre-bedtime silence which is a sadly very important part of my day.


Think I’ll catch up on this at the weekend.


You’re not putting radishes in a chilli - fuck off Rick.


Ok next week we’re playing a drinking game where we drink whenever he says ‘that’s lovely’ and pulls a face