Stephen Fretwell

The standout British solo artist of the last fifteen years for me.

Two triffic albums, fucked off.

Saw him in a local pub a few years back.

Ooh, I remember that name. I absolutely loved a song of a band called National Forest which he sung on, called Folk. I bought an ep of his afterwards, but it wasn’t even as remotely amazing as Folk. Am listening to that song now for the first one in 10+ years and still enjoying it!

really enjoyed the early EPS (when his voice was bizarrely high) and loved magpie

Thought the second album was hit and miss with a few great songs on it

then he vanished.

…to a pub near @bugduv

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See, i prefer the energy of the second record. The first has the more memorable songs, like.

He went to live in Lisbon for a couple of years, did two shows at Night and Day out of the blue, then that was that.

from wiki - ha!

Fretwell disappeared sometime in 2014. His whereabouts are currently unknown, although it is widely believed that a talent as prolific as him will make a comeback, perhaps as soon as 2018.