Stephen King (not dead)

My child (13 1/2) wants to read some Steve. We’ve recently watched IT and the Mist together which has piqued his interest.

Frankly I’d love him to get into reading again since his interest has rather dropped off since he got a bit old for Mr Gum and Wimpy Kid.

Is there a good SK book for a 13 yo?

I naturally thought of IT then I remembered the really strange children gangbang (and honestly I had to google that to double-check it wasn’t something I’d made up - I’d be worried if I had tbf).

Other Stephen King chat welcome.



I seem to remember reading ‘Cujo’ and ‘Christine’ at that age and enjoying them. As you say ‘It’ has that very weird bit in it but I think the other two I mentioned should be okay.

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A lot of them have extremely weird and unpredictable sex or wanking bits, esp early on in his career iirc.

I think that the short story collections may actually be quite a good shout


The Stand and The Talisman are probably good shouts for a 13 y/o.



For short stories, Nightshift has some classics in it.



Needful Things should be ok, I think? Gwendy’s Button Box. Newer stuff like Billy Summers, The Outsiders, Revival, but be aware he trends a little fatphobic in BS in the way of “that” generation.

The Long Walk! A good dystopian one starring kids iirc

I got quite into stephen king around that age, read pet sematary, salems lot, dead zone etc. Can barely remember them now but remember really enjoying at the time.

My folks were just happy i was reading, that was until i started getting into reading up on some deeply unsavoury serial killers. They still let it slide right enough.


Carrie is probably a good starting point and nothing too fruity dirtypillows
for a young person as far as I remember

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Give him a short story collection to start as some of the books are overlong, The Stand especially

Remember absolutely loving The Langoliers as a kid

Yeah, that was brilliant. The TV movie of that is fully in the “totally shit that it’s brilliant” category.


I remember watching that a few years ago. In fairness to it, it nails a really off dreamlike tone completely by accident

How does he feel about fantasy epics cos The Dark Tower might be an easy sell if he like Tolkein etc. Could give ‘Gunslinger’ a go as that’s fairly short and see if he gets into it? That’s what my eldest read at that age.

The Institute is a recent-ish one, basically King does Stranger Things so should work. Cujo and Salem’s Lot are fairly short and I don’t remember them having much coke-fuelled weirdness.

This is it. The section where they’re at the airport is one of the most unnerving things I’ve ever seen on TV. I don’t know could I justify the three hour duration to anyone but that bit has stuck with me for ten years or more now.

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I find him hit and miss. I thought Thinner was amongst some of the worst anti-ziganist trash I’ve ever read. Misery is great. Quite enjoy his short stories, like Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption and The Body. I am reading The Mist ATM and enjoying it.

haha not thought of that film in years, Craig Toomy was a bit of running joke with me and my pals for some reason. :slight_smile:

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Did not know this term, good to learn it.