Travelling tales, travelling tales

Allll abboooaarrddd

I used to feel acute frustration when I couldn’t join in with text the nation

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this is still amazing


Haha this was so well done

Looking forward to Adam and Joe’s Christmas podcast and the continuation of the Tom Cruise anecdote


I don’t remember that episode , but I’ve not heard them all. Do you remember the name, as no one is jumping out at me?

Jo Cornish was just on the Films To Be Buried with podcast and it was good

Dr. Fleischman or something I think? It’s quite a recent one.

Was disappointed with the Nicky Wire episode when they were both like “yeah there used to be politicians you could believe in back in the 90s, now you can’t trust anyone” hmmmm

And now my letter might be read out
instead of thrown in the

  • bin
  • trash

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and forgotten about

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Oh , I was being a div. Seems there are a load of recent ones I’ve not heard. Didn’t realise it had restarted

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i actually find the ones with these professionals more interesting than just the celeb ones. I really liked the Shoshana Zuboff one and as gonna read her book but it’s like 800 pages so fuck that

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yeah that one was pretty good

The one you’re talking about, I also found super fascinating. Talking about incest and all that.

He should defo do more like that tbh. Same with the human rights lawyer one and wasn’t there also a man who had been held captive by somali pirates or am i making that up

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Pirate man deff happened

Absolutely this. Used to like the guy, but the more I listen to his podcast the more I think he’s a prick.


dodgy ground having right wing american academics telling people that race characteristics and human behaviours are innate and unchangeable though, I switched off halfway through after she said she was grateful for jordan peterson

and yeah the pirate one was a very gripping listen

tbh I can’t remember the specifics of it but I definitely didn’t get the right wing vibe you did. I’m sure the context of the jordan peterson thing wasn’t that she was actually grateful for him.

well I checked on twitter and she is married to a guy who was ranting against sjws and liberals and retweeting him. I think she has some kind of agenda for her rational science views

Oh that’s a shame if true.

Anyway, I still very much enjoy the adam buxton podcast a lot.

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