Stephens that I have kissed

Kissed a lad called Stephen on NYE, 2005 at The Town Mill in Mansfield.

This is the only Stephen that I have kissed.

So far.

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I don’t believe I’ve ever kissed a Stephen (or a Steven). I have more than had my fill of Johns though.

Just coming

Must have been a great kiss if the memories set you off like that

Been kissed as a Stephen but never kissed a Stephen.

I probably have. It seems like the sort of thing I’d have done. either that or they looked like a stephen

I’d like to kiss Rachel Stevens.


Of course, but they’re not called Stephen :wink:

If any Stephens want to volunteer please PM me with photos. :wink:

none. no stephanies either I dont think.

1 vote for a Stephanie. No Steven or Stephens though.

1 ex called stephanie
1 brother in law called stephen
many kisses!