Steps are BACK!



Dont move to music board mods. I guess Ian ‘H’ Watkins must be out of prison already


H was on Through the Keyhole and seemed a thoroughly nice bloke

I also remember watching something on Nuts Tv (!), Stone Cold was on it and so was Lee Latchford-Evans from Steps. He came on talking about his new band, and how he wanted people to not associate his past in music with them and he’s trying to make it on his own back. Called the band Latchford

my 2 thoughts on Steps there


More of an SClub person


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If I remember correctly, H stands for Hyperactive. And it’s shortened from his nickname at school, which was HT - Hyperactive Twat.

Sadly, he never went for this stage look


Do you think they’ll have to append ‘H: Not A Paedo’ to any promos for it


If we could all stop making that joke now that’d be super


digestive system baby


Supported by Vengaboys! I’m there.


I’d heard he’d died


please don’t speak ill of the dead


Reinforced with iron, just in case!



Wow only 10 months to wait!


something something… 5, 6, 7, 8… (9, 10… idk)