Stereolab. An appreciation and discussion thread

I’ve been listening to a lot of this band recently. Anyone a fan? Saw them live? Favourite album? Favourite song?

I first heard of them on The Evening Session in 1994. Their song Ping Pong was getting a lot of radio play. Instantly catchy and with interesting left leaning economic theory as its lyrics. A brilliant song. Mars Audiac Quintet is my favourite album of theirs. So many great songs on it.
My favourite song is probably Lo Boob Oscillator. An excellent song and its sound probably sums up Stereolab for me, A fantastic band that tragically lost a member in a fatal bike accident in 2002.

I’ve seen them a couple of times. Once supporting Pulp at Brixton in 1995 and again at Shepherds Bush Empire in 2002. Great fun both times. I havent seen Laetitia Sadier live solo yet. Tempted for her Dalston gig in a few weeks.

I like them, but I feel like I would like them a lot more if they didn’t insist on all their albums being 60+ minutes each.


Emperor Tomato Ketchup was a massive record for me. still is. lovely band.


Love Stereolab. Saw them live back in 93?94? At Manchester uni. They were ace. Have seen Laetitia live and she was very engaging although it wasn’t a typical gig and a few years ago now.

Single fav release is the Charles Long mini LP, although I love all their stuff tbh. Even at the time it was really difficult to get to grips with their output as they were so willfully obscure about how they put records out, all part of the charm of course.

I think it’s a real shame they couldn’t stick together. Even though they have an incredibly distinctive sound they were constantly changing and I think could have been a rare case of a band who could just carry on making interesting music. I remember reading a really interesting article by Tim about how he wrote the music for the last album and also the Cavern of Anti-Matter album is so great, seems to suggest they could have just followed their own path.

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I think I first heard them in 1992 probably on the Evening Session.

French Disko remains my favourite song of all time. While I don’t know if the band will ever get back together again, I hope I get a chance to hear that live some time in the future.

I think I might have to go and have a listen to them now, cheers!

Your thread made me revisit them. Love Crest - absolute banger, and they are clearly a collector’s dream. Didn’t really follow them after Emperor Tomato Ketchup, which is indeed a masterpiece.

Anyone seen Laetitia Sadier on a solo gig? Worth seeing?

In fact let’s get Crest in here:

June tour

11 - Brighton, UK @ Concorde 2
12 - London, UK @ O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire
15 - Bristol, UK @ SWX
16 - Birmingham, UK @ O2 Institute 1
18 - Sheffield, UK @ The Leadmill
19 - Manchester, UK @ Albert Hall
20 - Newcastle, UK
21 - Leeds, UK
22 - Glasgow, UK


Responding just so i remember to post in here…

Seeing as they’re reissuing the first seven albums, what’s essential/best to start with?

Transient was always my favourite. But starting before that is good as well

So bloody excited for this! Bucket list band for me, Clive.

Favourite album is Dots and Loops but they’re all worth your time.

Just listening to Transient again now since the news, it is still great.

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Guessing tickets on sale Friday 9.00am?

Pre-sale tomorrow for Glasgow at 10am boyyyyy (not sure about the other dates).

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Brighton is what I’m after…panicking now I’ll miss out

Got Shepherds Bush Empire via o2 presale. A lot forked out for me today with Bikini Kill too.

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Oooh… Anyone know what the Glasgow venue is?

A slight coincidence that two bands (Bikini Kill and Stereolab) that i started appreciation threads on have reformed and have presales for their June gigs today. I think the two gigs are two days apart.

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