Stereolab. An appreciation and discussion thread

Yeah managed to get a copy from Picaddily records

I got mine from Resident. I thought about buying direct but I haven’t bought many records this year and thought my local shops probably needs the money more (especially after all the stereolab records and merch I’ve bought over the years)

Did it sell out already, I didn’t think it was that limited? I bought one direct from duophonic as they’re really reliable (and I think it’s just a rebranded bleep storefront and they’re also really good)

They definitely mentioned another volume of switched on coming, there’s probably enough uncollected stuff to make at least one more, and although it may not have the same quality, I’d get it to avoid going through the 7 and 12s.

yeah I checked direct but they’d already gone. Generally buy from Norman but they’d sold out too.

I was really surprised tbh. Didn’t think CoAM sold that many and soundtracks tend to get even less interest. Maybe the Stereolab reformation has spiked a bit of interest.

I think they sell OK but prob not near stereolab levels - cavern first releases were hyped and the rarity of the original edition of blood drums helped I think but I am surprised that it sold so quick! I hesitated whether to buy it now, or add it to my stacked order at Norman’s (waiting for some stuff to come in stock) at the weekend - I’m glad I did now!

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It sold out mainly to people looking to flip it to be honest.

I still can’t believe I got a winning scratchcard and didn’t send it off. FFS.

New song out today from Tim’s latest band!

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Switched On Vol 4


Standard limited version sold out in 10 munutes

I took a look on duophonic and the coloured version was already sold out.

I almost bought the album cover coaster set then decided against it.