Stereolab. An appreciation and discussion thread

When it’s 20p more to make them print out card tickets and send them out to me, you know I’m going to make them do that :smiley:

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Got my ticket - it’ll be the 14th time seeing them!

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Damn! You rate them as a live band then?

One of my all time faves. But I saw them change over a lot of years from when I first saw them in 1995, and I did miss their last tour or two in their “active” years. But they came back with a great tour a couple of years ago, and I think there isn’t the pressure that there was before for them to “be a band” 24 hours a day 7 days a week which takes away some of the tension that was there before. Also, Tim and Laetitia split up during the last active years, and while they aren’t back together again they isn’t that animosity either.

Also, they spent a lot of the 90s and 00s being quite different from a lot of bands, whereas now so many bands are quoting them as inspiration, which must feel quite different for them too


Listening to Sound-Dust now for the first time in years. Have it loud on a very good system and it sounds fucking lush. what an incredible band.

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Edinburgh show starts at 10pm, on a Monday night? Schome mishtake shurley…

Yeah, Liquid Room shows never even go on past 1030 really

is anyone going to either the glasgow or edinburgh shows? want to see them but the Edin ones clashes with Fontaines, so trying to decide which to see here and which to travel west for

They’re playing in Liverpool in November :exploding_head:

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absolute nonsense that I skipped them up here last year, so may have to try to fit one of these in

Other dates


Not bad for a venue that was built for the sole purpose of hosting Bongo’s Bingo after they fell out with their previous venue!

Got excited when I saw ‘The Black Box’ there for a second. Piss off Hastings.