Stereolab. An appreciation and discussion thread

Not super-familiar with their stuff beforehand, but I enjoyed that. Thought it started off a bit weak, but by the 4th song I was on board and “Metronomic Underground” was brilliant. Sound was fine, and being near the front, I avoided most the chatterers that apparently plagued the back.

Wasn’t French Disko the third song?

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That merch is well retro. I had that white shirt in blue with silver print. Until a house mate destroyed it in the wash.

Did anyone go last night? They played Jenny Ondioline according to their Instagram!

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rare to see a £5 CD on a merch stand, will probably be tempted by that (is Fab Four Suture any good actually?)

I had a my leaving do for my old job tonight. I spotted a person with a Stereolab tote bag at the pub that they sold on the merch stand. I had a nice five minute chat on all things Stereolab. Added to my fun night.

oooh, I don’t have Fab Four Suture yet. Will definitely pick it up next week if it’s only a fiver :slight_smile:

On that topic, I stopped listening to Stereolab after Cobra & Phases, for reasons I’m not entirely sure of (I loved that album despite Johnny Cigarettes’ facile 0/10 NME review). I really should start exploring their 2000s discography…

Sound Dust is amazing

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FFS is great. Typical Stereolab obtusity it was released as a series of E.P.s but it works great as an LP.

Cancelled their Sheffield and Manchester shows

Wednesday July 31st now your Manchester show, Facebook tells me.

I want to love Sound Dust but the lyrics to Nothing To Do With Me stink it up for me. A bit like Pink Cellphone, I always know it’s coming and can’t settle in and enjoy the album.

I need to have a word with myself probably.

Can totally see this actually – undoubtedly a low point, for sure! (the whole song is easily the worst on the album). Kind of weird too because the lyrics on most of the other songs are some of their best. Production is absolutely ridiculous as well and you’ve got tunes like Space Moth and Les Bon Bons Des Raisons which massively make up for it - shame to be missing out on those if nothing else…

It’s a bit of a weird one, but aren’t they all quotes from the Chris Morris jam series?

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Learn something new every day - thanks @mark_h

Now I’m hearing it in a totally different way!

Thanks Mark. Now I can love Sound Dust!

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That was one of the most disappointing gigs I’ve ever been to. Band were ok but there were an overwhelming amount of dick heads in the crowd just talking over it. Venue ( Stylus - Leeds) didn’t help, but fuck me the crowd were really shitty tonight.

Sounds shit. Sorry to hear that. Did they play the “set” setlist that they’re doing over the last week or two.

Yeah, it was pretty much the same as what I’d seen.