Stereolab. An appreciation and discussion thread

Not super-familiar with their stuff beforehand, but I enjoyed that. Thought it started off a bit weak, but by the 4th song I was on board and “Metronomic Underground” was brilliant. Sound was fine, and being near the front, I avoided most the chatterers that apparently plagued the back.

Wasn’t French Disko the third song?

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That merch is well retro. I had that white shirt in blue with silver print. Until a house mate destroyed it in the wash.

Did anyone go last night? They played Jenny Ondioline according to their Instagram!

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rare to see a £5 CD on a merch stand, will probably be tempted by that (is Fab Four Suture any good actually?)

I had a my leaving do for my old job tonight. I spotted a person with a Stereolab tote bag at the pub that they sold on the merch stand. I had a nice five minute chat on all things Stereolab. Added to my fun night.

oooh, I don’t have Fab Four Suture yet. Will definitely pick it up next week if it’s only a fiver :slight_smile:

On that topic, I stopped listening to Stereolab after Cobra & Phases, for reasons I’m not entirely sure of (I loved that album despite Johnny Cigarettes’ facile 0/10 NME review). I really should start exploring their 2000s discography…

Sound Dust is amazing

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FFS is great. Typical Stereolab obtusity it was released as a series of E.P.s but it works great as an LP.