How are these guys still going, popular, getting number 1 albums and which wretched concave scythe-hole are all their fans emerging from?

think my brother likes them, so it’s probably 40ish blokes who don’t think much about new music


Went to see them at Dinnington in 2001. It was quite fun.

Rugby fans

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They’re not a band I’d ever listen to but I always find it a bit weird when threads like this come up with people positively baffled that a band they don’t like could be popular.

Stereophonics were massive back in the day, have a bunch of sing-along hits that still get played on the radio, are probably great fun to drink pints with your mates in the sun at a mid-sized regional festival, and they still put the work in touring. It’s not rocket science.


Liked the first album when it came out. Saw them live, thought they were pretty boring, and never bothered with them again. Dakota is a good song though.

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Like the first two albums heavily. Still play them occasionally.

Been pure dogshit since. Absolutely insane they’re so huge.

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First record is brilliant, second one isn’t bad, everything after that has done absolutely nothing for me but its really not surprising that they’re popular is it? Pretty inoffensive, middle of the road ‘rock’ music that gets heavy radio play, plus people that are now 40 year olds who only have a passing interest in music have grown up with them. People like different things, and the most popular things will always be a bit ‘safe’, that’s why they’re popular. Who cares? Listen to something you like instead and ignore them, not sure what the point in whining about it is.


Sorry, I wasn’t meaning at all to completely dismiss them or their fans, they had several good tunes in the late 90s, just surprised they were still at it and still so “big.” I’m not a big fan of much they’ve done since about 2001 at all but it at least shows that “guitar music being dead” is the ultimate clickbait myth…

Kelly Jones called his kids terrible names, I’ll give ya that. Otherwise pretty inoffensive.

Thank u, next.


Pretty funny tbf

Jones is a Leeds United fan and once gave Wayne Rooney a Leeds United shirt for his birthday.


Ah, sorry Marty, don’t worry though, it was a quote from here joking about the mystery of the Stereophonics in 2019 rather than a serious diss.

I’m not worried. Or a fan of the Stereophonics. Cheers.

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I understand, sorry about all this, I do make my worst
posts by far when I’m hungover on a Sunday.

Don’t apologise. They are shite. Ladrock nonsense.

I don’t know about that, some of their songs really make you think, like the onr about matches and trees and the one about going shopping with no intention of buying anything.

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All Welsh people love them. Think they’re the best band ever. Just can’t reason with them

I like some songs. Particularly local boy in the photograph and dakota. Never really investigated further tho.