Steve Dillon


He was one of my favourite comic artists. I can vividly remember loving his art in 2000AD in my early teens.


yeah it’s really sad. Do we know how he died yet?

I mean he wasn’t my FIRST choice for Dredd but he was definitely one of the good guys.


[quote=“1101010, post:2, topic:7626”]
Do we know how he died yet?[/quote]
Burst appendix, apparently.

My own tastes in comic art tend towards the more overtly stylised but Dillon’s clean lines and clear storytelling always appealed on Dredd or Tyranny Rex.


Really surprised me that he was 54. Not just because that’s young to die but also because it meant that he was only about 20 when he was drawing all these strips that I loved.


Yeah I saw this last night. I spend a lot of my childhood reading my brothers 2000ADs, he was a great artist.


Burst appendix? FUCK :cry:


Yeah, that’s awful.