Steve Lamacq interview


Hi, I posted a Falco off of Future of the Left interview earlier this year which you guys seemed to like so I thought I’d showcase this one I did with Lammo one here too. My music tastes aren’t exactly a direct replica of Lammo’s but I thought his responses were highly informative and I am hugely grateful to him for agreeing to do this. Lots of stuff aboot his show, presenting Top of the Pops, John Peel, signing Elastica, T-Shirt Day, putting Oasis back into context, independent venues, the ‘death’ of guitar bands, remixing Ant and Dec, and more. DiScuss, I guess.


He wrote for the NME once you know


If I should die, think only this of me:
That there’s some corner of a field
That is for ever Britpop.