Steve Lamacq's 'Lost Alternatives'

This 4-CD compilation of (supposedly) obscure 90s indie came out recently. I’m not sure a lot of these songs could be described as “lost”. Travis, Catatonia, Suede, Elastica, Teenage Fanclub…pretty well known stuff.

1 Ride – Chelsea Girl
2 The Charlatans – Indian Rope
3 Northside – Shall We Take A Trip?
4 Flowered Up – It’s On
5 New Fast Automatic Daffodils – Big
6 Slowdive – Catch The Breeze
7 Curve – Ten Little Girls
8 Kitchens Of Distinction – Prize
9 Pale Saints – Throwing Back The Apple
10 Family Cat – Place With A Name
11 Senseless Things – Is It Too Late?
12 Mega City Four – Words That Say
13 Teenage Fanclub – Everything Flows
14 Silverfish – Big Bad Baby Pig Squeal
15 Daisy Chainsaw – Love Your Money
16 Voodoo Queens – Supermodel Superficial
17 Cornershop – Waterlogged

CD 2
1 SMASH – Real Surreal
2 These Animal Men – Speeed King
3 Blessed Ethel – Rat
4 Suede – The Drowners
5 The Auteurs – Showgirl
6 Elastica – Stutter
7 Sleeper – Alice In Vain
8 Tiny Monroe – VHF 855V
9 Whiteout – Starrclub
10 China Drum – Wuthering Heights
11 Snuff – Caught In Session
12 60Ft Dolls – Happy Shopper
13 Salad – Drink The Elixir
14 Drugstore – Solitary Party Groover
15 Ash – Uncle Pat
16 Northern Uproar – Rollercoaster
17 Perfume – Lover
18 Mansun – Take It Easy Chicken
19 Bluetones – Are You Blue Or Are You Blind?

1 Bis – School Disco
2 Travis – All I Want To Do Is Rock
3 Catatonia – Sweet Catatonia
4 Marion – Violent Men
5 Audioweb – Sleeper
6 Rialto – Monday Morning 5:19
7 Tiger – Race
8 Strangelove – Greatest Show On Earth
9 Animals That Swim – Pink Carnations
10 Linoleum – Dissent
11 Scarfo – Alkaline
12 Kenickie – Come Out 2nite
13 Helen Love – Does Your Heart Go Boom
14 Jocasta – Go
15 Livingstone – Good Intentions
16 Geneva – No-One Speaks
17 Whipping Boy – When Were Young
18 Earl Brutus – Life’s Too Long

1 Arab Strap – The First Big Weekend
2 Mogwai – New Paths To Helicon Part 1
3 Idlewild – Satan Polaroid
4 Symposium – The Answer To Why I Hate You
5 3 Colours Red – This Is My Hollywood
6 The Delgados – Pull The Wires From The Wall
7 The Beta Band – Dry The Rain
8 The Hitchers – Strachan
9 Wubble U – Bit Like You
10 Ten Benson – The Claw
11 Clinic – I.P.C. Subeditors Dictate Our Youth
12 Cay – Better Than Myself
13 Cable – Freeze The Atlantic
14 Seafood – This Is Not An Exit
15 Llama Farmers – Paper Eyes
16 Ultrasound – Stay Young
17 Morgan – Miss Parker (The Dust Brothers Mix)

Hell of a 3 track start to disc 4 to be fair.


Great to see ‘Stay Young’ by Ultrasound included though…seeing as it will probably never be played on the radio ever again due to the Gary Glitter reference.

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You need to have a couple bigger bands of these kind of comps to get casual interest. Good comp all round


Ooooft. Brutal to see the kind of company Whipping Boy are keeping on that third CD.


Good point, i suppose it wouldn’t exist without a sprinkling of bigger bands.

As @jordan_229 says, you need some bigger acts to generate interest. but also, skimming some of those bigger artists, they/Steve have/has chosen some of their not biggest songs.


I find Steve Lamacq so tiresome now.

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CD4 is a banger. Every so often I love being reminded of Cay, loved them as a teen.


Is that in chronological order? Because CD 2 into CD 3 looks a lot like my university years…

Picked the best Ash song at least

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Yeah, it looks like it is roughly in chronological order, although, i’m sure ‘Violent Men’ by Marion came out in 1994 and it is in amongst a load of 1996 stuff.

Old farts like (most of) us will know most of those but anyone under 30? Probably not so much.
There’s some great bands on this that I haven’t though about in decades.

Just listen to his 6 music show, he plays most of this ALL THE TIME.

Unfortunately he seems to be unaware of any new music since this time!


Apart from Idles…

Good point!

Yeah, I think I’ll just make myself a Spotify playlist of the best tracks on here - mainly tracks on that last CD

Basically a playlist of the evening session around the late 90’s. As I used to listen to it then while doing my homework it’d be massively nostalgic for me. Plus there’s some great bands that still stand up now (Seafood! Ash! Loads of Disc 4!)

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I can’t imagine wanting to listen to 4 CDs of that but to be fair there are some decent things in amongst the britpop detritis - good to see Kitchens of Distinction, Pale Saints, Strangelove etc and the tracks by the better known bands are good ones (Showgirl, New Paths to Helicon, First Big Weekend, Stutter etc).

Good point. However the ratio of suede/not suede on this compilation is much lower