Steve Mason / Beta Band

This is nice. Album to follow on December 1st.

name’s a bit close to his former bandmate’s subsequent outfit surely.


good song though right?

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Yep. The Aliens disappeared after one album didn’t they ? doubt he gave the name a second thought.

not sure. think there might have been two.

(easily checkable fact)

Aye, second album was really good too. Not sure why they didn’t carry on, maybe John had gone off to make movies by then.

…and forgot to say…this is really good, cheers for the link!

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Still spin both albums periodically - great fun :+1:

I have to say I’m a massive Steve Mason fan dating back to the start of the Beta Band, but this does nothing for me. Treading water.

New Steve Mason album incoming. Really like the singles, currently in session on 6music right now…

@moderators can someone please change this thread title to Steve Mason / Beta Band


Does that work?

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ah lovely. Thanks.

Got a bit of a shoeing over this. FWIW I don’t think what he said was sexist, but any “gatekeeping” like this deserves a takedown.

Sorry, that page doesn’t exist !

what did he say ?

Just sneering at the fact Sophie Ellis Bextor was presenting something to do with the history of disco.

Looks like he has apologised.

Was that the reason why? I was wondering why he was randomly having a go at her. Seemed like pub talk, but then don’t post it on twitter would be the lesson learnt I guess.

He probably had a run in with her back when she was all serious and snarky when she was in Theaudience and still holds a grudge!

Not sure what’s wrong with her fronting a show about disco though, she’s a good presenter.