Stewart Lee: Content Provider


Full 2 hours on BBC2 on Saturday at 10:45pm. Looking forward to it, because I can’t really remember much of it from seeing it last year.

Between now and the age of 65, I propose five tours, one every three years, with fewer dates but in larger rooms. That’s 10 hours of material, and for me that is only 20 jokes. The end is in sight and Content Provider represents the beginning of the end.


saw it live in January and have also forgotten pretty much all of it

currently a bit over half way through it

so good


Aye saw it on tour but was v good seeing it again


Got it recorded and waiting for this weekend or some perfect time to spend the two hours on it. Looking forward to it though, I’m really glad the BBC did this.


ooh. gonna watch this on iPlayer instead of sitting in my room tryna not feel horribly sad.


this is better than the last one, I reckon.


love a bit of stew, only stand up i find funny. gonna check this out asap.


he rips it out of people who say this :smiley: (i am basically one of those)


Yeah listened to quite a good interview with him where he says if people come up to him and say “Yeah good on you Stu Michael McIntyre’s shit isn’t he??” he takes them to task for it.


at the risk of sounding like an unbearable smug stew fan, he does definitely seem to have reached a weird level of success/fame where quite a sizeable portion of the people he attracts to his shows like him whilst simultaneously appearing to miss the point of quite a lot of what he says and does.


I’d say it’s more likely that they don’t realise how much of an act Stewart Lee as stand up comedian is


yeah, that’s more what i was trying to articulate, in quite a ham-fisted way :grimacing:


I went to watch Richard Herring instead.

Suck on those indie points


i’ve seen richard herring a ridiculous number of times for someone who is still not quite sure whether i like richard herring or not.

(i think he’s a capable stand up who doesn’t edit himself/his work at all well, so all of his shows are over-long and tend to lose their thread in the middle)


He just kept going on about someone in the front rows “mothers cunt” last time I saw him. The guy left at the interval


oh, yeah, last time i saw him i was on the front row and my then-partner (and i, a bit) became the focus of a long, meandering section about blowjobs.

being quite anxious people anyway, it wasn’t all that much fun, really.

mind you, a few years before that, i interviewed him before a gig and he was nice to me and very generous with his time and so on, so there’s that


He clearly gets off on the awkwardness


Don’t really understand why anyone would go to a comedy gig and sit in the front row if they disliked the possibility they might become part of the act.

I remember going to a John Hegley gig when I was at university with a bloke who categorically wouldn’t sit on the front row because he wore glasses.


Quite enjoyed Content Provider, but felt like I was smiling along a lot more than I was laughing along. Maybe I was just a bit too drunk.

I laughed at the line about the dragon in a hat though.


in the instance i described above, we went as apart of a group which included a richard herring megafan who was responsible for buying the tickets. there are plenty of comics who i’m happy to sit on the front row for (stew included) but herring isn’t one of them and i wouldn’t have chosen to do so myself.