Stewart Lee: Content Provider

Have you read his book? It’s been a while since I did, but I think he explains in it why he thrashes certain passages to death. Can’t remember exactly why.

I also didn’t understand why it was good business for him to buy his own DVDs off ebay.

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from his book, one of his things is to intentionally lose the audience then bring it back

he also changes little details constantly eg. one object in a list will change every night just to see what happens

and, more obviously, he always includes local details which he can change from venue to venue. he said that’s a reason he’s done ok in Glasgow - too many English comedians don’t make the effort

his whole thing is satirising stand up and destroying it

(oh look it’s me being exactly the kind of wanker he mocks in the show)


His book is brilliant. I read it on holiday years ago, and it’s the only time I’ve ever finished a book and just gone back to the beginning and started it again.

yeah same, he’s probably the only stand-up I’d say I was a fan of. there’s probably others that I would like if I could be bothered to investigate but I basically think it’s quite a shit medium and I’m not interested in doing so

I mean I have enjoyed other comedians and shows but he’s the only person I would actually go out of my way to watch something by. take that, Stew.


i mean it in a positive sense, honestly don’t have an opinion on yer mcintyres and whatnot. if they make people happy i’m all for it.

Oh thanks - I saw him do a work-in-progress like two years ago that was very very in-progress. Never saw the finished thing!

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His best routines are superb - the “who is the real racist” on in Hitler Moustache and the Ferero Roche one in what is love anyway are two of the best 5 minute bits I’ve seen anyone do.

His/his persona’s neediness and insecurity doesn’t serve him well a lot of the time and his average set isn’t up to the level that I think he’d like to be seen at… He’s prolific in volume, but his quality suffers as a result.


Saw this on tour, didn’t like it, seemed formulaic Stewart Lee

yeah the part in the book about the Stand Up Comedian tour and its extended Scottish pisstaking part in front of a Glasgow audience is interesting, about how he throws in certain words or references that show genuine research rather than blind stupid hatred and so the insulted can’t help but have a grudging respect.

he explains it quite well through the medium of the Shilbottle routine in Comedy Vehicle

i like him a lot generally although he can be hit and miss, i’ve seen him a lot on different tours and i’ve found some of them a little bit over-rehearsed and polished down to the last beat. When he loosens up a bit more though he’s more consistently funny. also enjoy his podcasts a lot, quite liked the play he wrote about Rasputin at the Fringe a few years ago and he seems like a nice fella.

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Oh I am fiercely pro-McIntyre. He’s an excellent stand up and there’s a real warmth to his comedy which is always refreshing. Good egg.


I’ve had his book on my shelf for about 10 years but not read it. I think Stew would probably find that strangely comforting. Sounds like I really should read it now, though.

Yeah, I’m not really asking why he does it, but whether the audience are forcing themselves to appear amused long after the joke has gone, or if they genuinely are still finding it amusing. I guess that’s the whole point.

Re: the DVDs. I think he worked out that buying use discs on e-Bay or from Music Magpie was cheaper than the unit cost of creating a brand new one. I’m pretty sure he has never actually done it though!

On a completely unrelated topic - I liked Stew’s swipe at Dave re: Taskmaster…“it’d be my show that I created and wrote but we’ll get Greg Davies to present it.”

Much as I like Greg Davies, I thought that was a rotten thing to do to Alex Horne.

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Hadn’t heard Les Rallizes Denudes before. Cheers for the heads up Gaz. :+1:t4:

From what I remember of seeing this, there were good bits but also undisguised repetitions of his old sets and the ‘message’ felt more than a bit like Old Man Yells at Clouds

ha same, and i was wondering what band was on his t-shirt through the whole show, so this was quite helpful

wonder if Bushell is actually familiar with them or just read the first paragraph of their wikipedia page

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old man yells above the sea of fog


they are pretty great

garry bushell used to be a music critic, so it is possible. all I know is he liked mod shit, so maybe not

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