Stewart Lee: Content Provider


On a completely unrelated topic - I liked Stew’s swipe at Dave re: Taskmaster…“it’d be my show that I created and wrote but we’ll get Greg Davies to present it.”

Much as I like Greg Davies, I thought that was a rotten thing to do to Alex Horne.



he’s getting more creative - usually when stew writes these parody reviews, he uses a pseudonym that’s an anagram of his own name.


Hadn’t heard Les Rallizes Denudes before. Cheers for the heads up Gaz. :+1:t4:


From what I remember of seeing this, there were good bits but also undisguised repetitions of his old sets and the ‘message’ felt more than a bit like Old Man Yells at Clouds


ha same, and i was wondering what band was on his t-shirt through the whole show, so this was quite helpful

wonder if Bushell is actually familiar with them or just read the first paragraph of their wikipedia page


old man yells above the sea of fog


they are pretty great

garry bushell used to be a music critic, so it is possible. all I know is he liked mod shit, so maybe not


I liked this bit of that review…

"Such wit! Such subtle elegance! Truly he is the Oscar Wilde of our times…

Lardy Lee…"


Stewart ‘Lardy’ Lee


Thoroughly enjoyed ‘Content Provider’. He is the best at what he does in my opinion.


Don’t normally like him. Thought this was funny.


He looks quite a bit like Craig Charles these days




Garry Bushell is an astonishing thing. An uncompromisingly dim man trying to ride the Hopkins/Morgan/Farage wave of thug-level critique in an attempt at relevance. He’s possibly the nexus of mouth breathers desperate for attention and without merit.


I liked Garry Bushell the Bear in Viz (can’t find an image of it to stick in here) but that’s about it. Not sure the character merits its longevity.


been reading the wikipedia article about him
apparently he used to be a socialist in the punk era. he seems to have annoyed a lot of people even at the time, the fall, crass, adam and the ants all wrote songs mentioning him


he is one of those people that tells you about how no one is punk anymore


Garry Bushell is an absolute weapon.


he wishes he was dead. he wishes he was dead bill hicks