Stewart Lee: Content Provider


yup, gets a mention in this


could say he’s hiding his journalistic merit under a gary bushel


great song

this is the crass one


:musical_note: the bastards, what are they playing at? don’t like the music, don’t like the words don’t like the sentiments well keep it for the birds and bees, boys, bastards yes that’s right, i stepped out of line what do you want? what do you want? as long as i play it moderate, that’s fine fuck off runt, fuck off runt pick your nose with your ball pen, put your snot in sounds back to your play pen with your street cred minds you whimper and whine from the pages of the press ridicule and criticise those who want to change this mess there’s people our there who are trying to live people who care, now, what do you give? so many parasites living off our sweat so many fuckers in for what they can get punk ain’t about your standards and your rules it ain’t another product for the suckers and the fools your sit behind your typewriters shovelling shit rotting in the decadence of your crap lined pit waiting for the action, so you can grab a part but it stinks so bad [where you come from] who’s going to smell your fart? “can you put me on the guestlist? is there any freebie drink? i can’t write unless i feel well pissed” piss off, you fucking stink.:musical_note:


why is this caption so funny


hate to be that guy, but he literally explains why he does it… to save 15p per DVD. again, he definitely doesn’t do it, but without the explanation the joke wouldn’t work.

in terms of laughing at the bits that are horrendously dragged out - it’s not that the bit continues to be funny in itself, the humour comes from him intentionally beating the thing to death

EDIT: apologies if this seems like a really snooty response


No worries. Like I said I was a bit pissed. How does he save 15p? Is it literally that the particular price he “saw” on eBay happened to be 15p less than his manufacturing cost? I thought (from my hazy recollection) that that cost was actually pretty low (and nowhere near £5 :wink: )


I assumed it was worded that way for screen-readers for blind people (probably mixed up the image text with the caption or something)


Watched the first half last night, thought it was great. I find a lot of his stuff merges into one for me, but I enjoy it all so I don’t really care. Find it fascinating to see how close he comes to breaking character, yet with the understanding that is itself also part of the act.

Also couldn’t work out the bit with Annette overpricing his second-hand DVD, I presume he has two scripts worked out depending on if it’s high or low?


I’d imagine if the audience member says 50p, then he just does what he said he’d do and say “no, it’s £3.67”, then presumably berate the audience for being underwhelmed.

I saw him do it in Glasgow, but don’t remember what was said at that bit. I do remember that when he was going through the economics of selling DVDs at the merch table, someone walked out, and Stewart Lee said that if the guy came back he’d do the whole bit again. The guy did come back from the toilet or bar five minutes later, and true to his word, he repeated the entire bit of the act. Was funnier second time round.


can’t remember exactly but i think the person in Belfast gave too high a price as well so it went the same way as the BBC show. think she might have said a tenner or something so it was an even bigger difference.

definitely had to deny the person being a plant in the same way. “nice drive up from Derry today though wasn’t it?”


this happened in canterbury as well :smiley:

my (now) ex’s dad’s girlfriend was amazed that he could recite that whole section word for word again. we had to basically explain to her that he has the whole show memorised and does it the same every night. was a weird conversation to have to have.


This does sound a bit too much like showing off to be honest, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.


He’s also been in quite a lot of Harry Hill programmes, and is/was a big fan of Harry Hill.

Stewart Lee was one of the writers/producers when Bushell used to appear on it.


oh yeah, also in Belfast he warned that if anyone used their phone to take videos he would take it and stick it down his pants for the rest of the show, and then genuinely did it to someone’s phone about 15 minutes later (for the rest of the first half at least)

don’t think he followed up on the threat to throw it in the toilet and shit on it though.


He did this in Salford also. Never gave the man back his phone during the show. I don’t know if he was doing a bit with an imaginary audience member or if it was real, but afterwards he gave it a bit of “what?.. That phone going off was a reminder for him to take life saving medication?.. Well I don’t care… Maybe so but I told him what I’d do if he got it out… It’s not my problem” that kinda game.


Didn’t see him give it back either but he did ask at the start of the second half if the staff got it back to him alright


had the chance to meet stew when i saw him at west yorkshire playhouse in leeds. after the show he was signing books and whatnot. had some MH stuff going on at the time tho and i was scared i’d make a tit of myself cos i felt really anxious att. was a great show tho (“a room with a stew”).


I feel like I know more about Garry Bushell than I really care to after this thread


i’ve chatted to him a few times after shows and he’s always been lovely. if you get the chance again you should definitely say hello :slight_smile:

a few years back my then-partner and i were meant to be seeing him with her dad, but he had to go into hospital for a heart operation and so couldn’t come with us. i queued up to buy a present for him after the show and told stew what had happened, and he wrote a little note that said something like “dear david, get well soon, lots of love from htba and stewart lee”

when i met him after the content provider show we talked about ex-easter island head and this heat.