Stewart Lee: Content Provider


have heard similar, apparently he’s an absolute gent. will deffo meet him next time.


Stewart Lee is one of the few things me and the TV disagree on as he apparently told her to fuck off after he bombed at a gig in Keele in the mid-nineties. She was events manager and asked if he was ok. He wasn’t…


oof. but i reckon the stew she knew then is not the stew we know now, maybe. think he’s alluded here and there to being embarrassed by his conduct as a younger, prettier brum dicaprio.


Ha! That’s exactly what I said. If she could get past that she would absolutely love it.


I remember taking my boyfriend at the time to see Stewart Lee at Southbank Centre for one of those shows where he did comedy vehicle. Had a suspicion he wouldn’t like it, but felt an obligation to invite him as I had two tickets. He laughed once during the first five minutes, was sighing a lot during a bit during one of those drawn out routines. At the interval, he got up visibly annoyed and said quite loudly “Billy, this is really shit” and left. The people sitting around us sniggered, I was mortified. I left after the second hour, three hours was far too much for one sitting.

Thought content Provider was diminishing returns, but made me laugh in places, especially when his trousers fell down.


omg how great would it be if this is what inspired the “i am aware half of you are only here as plus 1s or cos you got tickets as christmas presents”.


second the point that he’s been really nice when i’ve spoken to him after shows. he remarked on my Birthday Party t-shirt once (and then i got a bit tryhard by trying to have a very brief conversation about music before moving on for the next person)

i didn’t bother on this tour cos i realised i must have bought almost everything on his merch table by now.


he’s been doing that since Carpet Remnant World at least tbh, but i imagine there are probably a lot of interactions like that at his shows. my friend’s friend didn’t bother coming back after the interval last year


He was a total dude when I met him on the last tour too tbf


thought this was a bit weak & formulaic really. still laughed at quite a few bits but idk felt off at times - felt like he was underselling the punchlines to jokes so he had the excuse to go into the audience stuff.

first time i’ve seen one of his specials and thought it needed 20 minutes trimming.

this subtitling made me giggle quite a lot when he did a pig grunt noise.


Enjoyed this but it definitely trailed off in the last half an hour or so. The final punchline was pretty great though


I don’t find him particularly funny.


Watched the first half today, and might save the next bit for tomorrow / later in the week.

I do like how, despite he still has this image to some people of being “more (either artsy or liberal) than actually funny”, he seems to (to my eyes at least) introduce more gleeful silliness with each show.


This BBC recording is the 3rd time I’ve seen this show (saw the first and last shows of the run) and both times I’ve completely forgotten about the end.


gleeful silliness: the bit where he did the national anthem via the sound off a shitting cat is unlikely to be surpassed but yes, he clearly loves pushing that part of his act to the point that people question it


Yeah its good for a bit 70 mins then… falls off a bit it still decent.

‘Peter stringfellow’s lord of the rings’ has always stuck with me


Watched the second half now - thought it was maybe weaker than the first, but the section about his grandparents S&M sex life was the standout. Haven’t laughed at anything as much in ages.


Oh interesting that’s the section I found a a bit dull


same here


Wonder how much Alan Moore charges for therapy sessions