Got any stick chat?

Pooh sticks is a bit of a crap game. Good use of bridges though.

Dogs like sticks a lot, that’s good.

Think that’s covered everything.

Well up a bit when I see how much the stick kids miss their stick Dad.

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welcome to the boards!

what’s the difference between a stick and a twig

Good question. I think a twig is a bit smaller and more spindly.

I’ve always considered a stick to be bigger than a twig, though I think there is an overlap between the two where either term could apply.


stick, fka twig.


Forest > Wood > Tree > Log > Branch > Stick > Twig > Sapling

Is that the full list?

Spent a good half hour splitting sticks on Saturday. Then running another stick down the middle to get long ribbons of foam out which my son would then float across a large, rain filled, rusty wok.

Good times.

Here is the inside of some empty sticks:


Foam inside sticks? What the hell are you on about?

please don’t dignify this

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Not such a stick expert, are ya? Please see above picture (this is not bamboo but a proper stick). Unfortunately the foam has been removed.

Who took the photo?

I have to take issue with you. Pooh sticks is not a crap game.

There, I’ve said it.

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I did. Impressed?

I am impressed.

If you know better, please enlighten me

Impressed and suspicious, the magic combo.

It’s actually only 10% of the picture. The whole thing is Guernica standard (if Guernica was a photo and used a small boy playing with sticks on a bench as the allegory for bombing a village).

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people who like sticks: bad artists, countryfile, belle and sebastian fans