I searched for foam stick inside and found nothing to back up your claim.

I did however find this:

which had this picture

Which, seems like false advertising as I do not believe those sticks are three times the size of an arena stage.

There’s no skill in it

Can you not see any of the white residue in the picture? That is the foam.

Reckon you’ve covered a large portion of the DiS userbase there


Those are people aren’t they?

Coldplay fans?

Oh, I have always called them foams. Them and Radiohead fans. Same thing, innit.

Ah, that makes sense now, I can stop looking for sticks in this picture now

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Could do with a splash of colour, no?

Ian ‘Sticks’ Ormondroyd

Probably ran out of pens

I’ve got a lot of sticks. They are drum sticks. Loads of them. Very handy.

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Can’t believe I missed drumsticks!

Also chicken drumsticks!

This is a game changer.

I love this game

out for a run at the weekend and a dog ran by with a stick (or branch?) in his mouth that was probably twice his length.

Owner quipped ‘You’ve got to love his ambition’


Sticks are wild, man. Not something crafted by man (or grown on poultry).

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Maybe the way you play!

Ok, yeah, maybe there isn’t.

It’s for playing with little kids though and that’s fun. Unless the kids are horrible. Which there’s every chance they might be, obvs.

My daughter’s brilliant though.

As far as games that involve sticks go, my top two are Mölkky & Kubb

jfc England

You need to float some stick foam across a rusty wok.