Sticky Recommended Albums Thread (2013)


Y’know, like Yo La Tengo and Everything Everything and that!

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  • Artist name and release name in the post title, please
  • Search the thread to check no-one else has already posted said album
  • A few words about it if you will, maybe a link or two
  • ^this other recommendations you like.


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lovely stuff :grin:



hate the character limit


this is a place to hide


Hello brothers

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did zxvcnbm ever work out what the TST was?


I think he revels in the fact that he’s not on TST.


I agree @Jeremys_Iron


Hello fellow invisible people.

Can I take the room on the third floor?


You can actually do multi-user Personal Messages now and add people to existing ones so technically TST can just be truly ‘secret’.


Hors D’oeuvres anyone?

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thank god


Another vote for Davidoff Cool Water


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Talk to you soon.





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