Still don't really understand what a fidget spinner is

What’s this all about then and why has it become a thing out of nowhere in the last while?

It’s the hip new craze, daddy-o


Spotted down Kingsway - Happy Father’s Day!

Also pretty sure it’s never been spelled as “figit” before.

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2017 is WILD:


They’re like Vapers.


It’s a bit of plastic on a ball bearing that spins around.
They feel fun to fiddle with and play with and some people can do tricks with them.

It’s a fad amongst children comparable to the yo-yo.

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Yeah, basically it’s the new pogs, yo-yos, etc.

Supposedly, the idea behind it is that it helps kids who can’t concentrate - y’know by giving them something else to distract them.


They’re actually good once you’re using one.

This Is Not a Fugazi Fidget Spinner


my (limited) understanding is they’re like those stress balls

There was a viral video of someone putting their penis in one. This is my exhaustive knowledge of fidget spinners.

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*must. Not. Google. *

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Just stuff

it’s a thing you can fidget with to stop you from fidgeting with other stuff

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Quite enjoy the sneaky background dog there

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Its another trend that soon would be die.