Sting and Shaggy to release collaborative album on 4/20


first song just released



Pitchfork have powered up their headline generator again then?


Shaggy’s verse > Sting’s verse


“That set the wheels in motion for the Caribbean-influenced LP, 44/876 , which is out on 4/20. “I’ve always had an affinity for the island,” said Sting, who also described Shaggy as “the Pope of Jamaica.” Upon airing the single to Rolling Stone , Shaggy reportedly exclaimed, “Doesn’t that just sound like something that hundreds of women would get pregnant to?””



About fucking time






If I was @marsbarbarbar, I’d reply to this with

it wasn’t me

but I’m not, so I’m doing this instead.


I’ve heard of Shaggy but who is this Sting bloke?


deliciously post-everything and the internet is here for it


It’s not that strange a pairing. Lots of Sting’s early songs with the Police had the reggae influence, so it’s not as though it’s the first time Sting’s ever used musical ideas from the Caribbean.

I think it’s a rather dull song, though, whether by Sting’s standards or by Shaggy’s standards.


Some wrestler fella I believe.


I was going to make some elaborate joke based on the song It Wasn’t Me and Sting’s love of tantric sex but I cba


music has peaked, no point making it now


Is this what DiS is about in 2018 ?


i’d say it’s what DiS has always been about, really


Not back in the days… :slight_smile:


I feel sorry for Jimmy Nail.


But she caught me on the counter (he’s lying)
Saw me bangin’ on the sofa (he’s lying)
I even had her in the shower (he’s lying)
She even caught me on camera (he’s lying)

She saw the marks on my shoulder (he’s lying)
Heard the words that I told her (he’s lying)
Heard the scream get louder (he’s lying)


Remember when Sting made his mandolin album?

He was on BBC Breakfast plugging it one morning, and one of the presenters asked him what he was going to do next, and he replied “Well, mandolin albums don’t pay the bills, you know”, with a knowing wink, as if Sting has any issues at this point paying any bills.

I really, really, really hate Sting.