As in, y’know, our generic take on them. Unquestionably has the worst good:bad ratio of any home cooked dish. Think i’d go so far as to say they’re shite. A twat’s idea of a good dish, and i’m a quarter Chinese.

File somewhere alongside baseball (shit) and Robot Wars (shit).


what’s the generic take on them? really not hard to make a good stirfry.


Definitely eaten (and made) my share of bad ones.

People always cram way too much stuff in the wok at once - then it’s not hot enough and they end up slowly steaming everything


I like veggie ones as long as there are no water chestnuts or mushrooms, can’t stand their textures






Just stir fried some veg to have alongside grilled fish. Find it hard to get a mix of meat/noodles/veg right, always ends up a gloopy mess


Water chestnuts are utterly pointless.


You’re going to love this one, 'd: had chilli in the canteen at work the other day. Bit down on something with a bit of a weird texture:

Yep, they put water chestnut in the chilli. There were several pieces, so I don’t think it was by accident.


good as a vehicle for cashews and soy sauce


Not a fan, not a fan at all. Think it stems from my mum making awful ones when I was younger.


yeah but it’s easy


Yeah when I was a student and clueless about everything my housemates and I used to cook “stir fries”. Not one person in my house of seven could cook a decent one. Just a salty gloopy mess in a shallow frying pan made with those ready sliced vegetable packs from tesco locals. Put me off them for five years.

Now that I’ve got a proper wok and a repertoire of well practiced recipes… I still fuck up about a quarter of the time, you’re completely bang on


Very easy to go wrong with stir fry, and even if you do everything right the results are never more than simply quite nice. Probably have it around twice a week, that said.
Usually sprinkle black sesame seeds on top and pile pickled ginger in the middle to razz it up a bit. And kicap manis as well


I like them.

I’m so-so at making them, but my girlfriend is ace.

I think the key is to soften the noodles and veg separately, and then combine them all at the end, but that might be wrong.


Doing a stir-fry has become less and less popular over the years hasn’t it? I remember doing them loads in the early 2000’s. An exciting world of Blue Dragon sachets, back before the Polish infringed on the World Foods aisle.


I’m getting much better at them. M&S do fresh wholewheat noodles and Udon noodles now which are both vegan and only £1. I love them.

I make the sauce a little while in advance to let the garlic work (just soy, garlic, ginger, chilli and water) and I usually just do broccoli and asparagus


Doin a stir fry tonight.

Chicken. Egg. Chuck your veggies in. Throw the noddles in and whack a blue dragon in.

Done. Reasonably interesting dinner in 10 mins.


I have never eaten a home-made stir-fry I have actually liked.

My least-favourite dinner option by a long chalk.


Glad we agree.

Whatever ingredients you go for, however long you cook it - just tastes of oil and burn.