A cute li’l health thread to kick off the weekend. Who’s had one, and how annoying was it?

Caught gonorrhoea from a girl that an ex of mine from uni and I brought in to have a threesome with.

Stung like one angry mofo when I pissed.

Somehow never had one, despite not being particularly responsible for, oh I don’t know, two years?

Never had one :man_shrugging:


Must have made the moonwalk a little painful




I don’t know if I understand why you’ve made this thread


Yeah not sure what you’re hoping to achieve here?

@iaminterested in why you started this thread


nice to see that threesome story from the other month had a happy ending


So to speak



It’s a troll… and we were doing so well at ignoring the thread too…

Or maybe not a troll, but we should still just ignore it…

unless i’ve missed something i don’t see any indication from their other posts that they’re a troll at all.

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Not trolling, huns.

I’m changing jobs and moving into healthcare, and this particular topic came up this week and realised it’s something probably lots of us go through but probably never discuss. Totally understandable if nobody wants to contribute though.


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don’t have any experience with STIs so have nothing to contribute to this thread but given all the filth threads, i wouldn’t have thought this subject matter would be particularly beyond the pale?

maybe more suited to anonymous polls i guess?

Yeah this was my mistake, jumped to the wrong conclusion as there was a troll yesterday posting inflammatory stuff.

@iaminterested - think you could frame a question like this a little differently, although maybe I’m just being over sensitive. Actually I definitely am, just ignore me.

Totally worth it though. Thankfully my ex wasn’t affected.

Bizarrely, though, the sexual health practitioner who asked lots of intimate questions and inserted a swab into my urethra (wince) was a customer that I used to serve when I worked part-time in retail during uni. Small world.

Never had one, but I had to get tested a few years ago. (Basically I got a UTI - and the GP refused to prescribe me anything until I went for a test. I knew that there was an almost zero chance of it being STI-related but I had to go regardless).

Anyway, I managed to bump into my eldest’s 1:1 helper whilst I was in the clinic. It’s okay for women as there’s plenty of reasons to be in the CaSH clinic. Not so much for a guy who’s been married for over a decade! It’s never been spoken of.