Going for my birthday in March - what should I do? Been once before but it was for Eurovision so didn’t have much spare time. Have already done the ABBA museum, obviously, I am not an amateur. What else?

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The Vasa :+1:


Definitely the highlight of Stockholm for me. That, and seeing Joanna Newsom play at The Royal Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten)

Gamla Stan island - Stockholm’s old town - was my other highlight. Had a lovely hot chocolate in a gay cafe in the town square.

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The Vasa is great as others have said.

I love Skansen - a big open air museum with old buildings from all round Sweden set in a beautiful park. Weather dependent but a lovely place to spend the day if it’s sunny.

The modern art museum is great too.

Smorgasbord at the Grand Hotel if you can afford it (it’s fantastic).

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Gunnar Asplund’s Woodland Cemetery might not sound like a place you want to visit, but it is wonderful and well worth your time

Also, the tour of the City Hall is good, too

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The longer I spent there, the more I seemed to enjoy it


Patricia - Restaurang Bar & Nattklubb - Patricia | Restaurang, Bar & Nattklubb på Södermalm (

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Come and hang out with ME!

What do you fancy doing? Have a bucket of recommendations but I can tailor them a bit

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Up for most suggestions really, anything perhaps not on the obvious tourist track. And eating. Very much enjoy eating.

Went to a good basement food court/market area. No idea where it was (other than somewhere central) or what it was called but I had an amazing kebab there.

Happy to help.

If you’re willing to spend a fair whack, the tasting menu at Liberdade is absolutely incredible, one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

Stigbergets Fot and Lådan both do great beer

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Just booked a table at Liberdade, cheers!

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Amazing! Hope you enjoy it!

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When’s your birthday & which part of town are you staying in?

Weekend after next, staying in Norrmalm.

Shame it’s not the weekend after, Midland is playing at Under Bron the 24th

Acid Arab are playing Slaktkyrkan on the 18th though, if you’re into that (they’re really good - North African/French acid house/techno)

These are both south of where you are but pretty accessible

Not sure if there’s anything fun going in in Norrmalm, there doesn’t seem to be anything fun going on at Berns/Nuet unfortunately ( some Danish American synthwave act I’ve never heard of )

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Ooh cheers will take a look - seen Midland many a time so that’s cool.

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