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Why is this so popular all of a sudden? A bunch of my friends have really taken to talking about stoics and I got given two (2! ffs) Ryan Halliday books in the last year.

Seems to assume everyone knows their own mind, and that want they want is good? Just really weirds me out.

easily the shittiest of the Greek philosobros.

Nihilism for life

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Would like to be a stoic but a bit too fond of folly


Stoic on Trent


Yeah totally this also

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Prefer the Cynics tbh, great bunch of philosophers


I read this and it makes me feel sad, he was clearly an acute depressive at a time when nobody knew what that was. Suppose that can be applied to a lot of people throughout history though.

Dunno, think part of him just enjoyed being on the wind-up, the first dedicated troll


carrying a lamp during the day … looking for an honest man

This is like a bad Bob Dylan lyric from a protest song circa 1964


“Get it, mate? Honest man. I can’t find one. Need a light to see them. Hmm? Get it?”

when i was a younger man i got talking to a philosophy student in a bar

I said I was into stoicism and she full on laughed in my face

that was the moment I knew for sure that philosophy students are dickheads



i only did that a few times tbf

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Have you read A Man In Full by Tom Wolfe? 750 pages about stoicism. Shite.

I like stoicism, as I also believe in not being rained on when I’m trying to unlock my door

The people I know who’re into this are definitely more go-getter, “adulting” bed by 10 up at 6 for a run types