Stone Temple Pilots are the best band of the 90s

Nice one .

You slightly misspelled Super Furry Animals but it’s ok, they both have 17 letters.

There’s a really solid case building for you to be banned from ever making threads.


Saying fuck a lot in a song int maker of a good band

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Plush is a good song


Put Big Bang Baby on Funky and report back

It is!

DeLeo is the best bassist in music tbf to him


Purple is a good album too

Except for Pretty Penny

Remember covering some STP songs in my band in school, and the basslines always took a bit of work to get right


I like the Vatican giftshop one too, think it’s my favourite of theirs

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Cannot emphasize this enough.

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Stone Temple Pilots are an A+ band, Core through Shangri-La Dee Da is a flawless run of albums.

The band Led Zeppelin could only dream of being.

I knew you’d get excited when you saw this thread


What a song.

Only ever knew the songs that were played on MTV back in the day. Should probably rectify that to be fair. I did enjoy some of those songs.

Absolutely massive

Sorry I’m washing my hair.

My.phones being shit but that live version kf Tripping at Rolling Rock is the best festival performance ever

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