Stoned musings (the DEFINITIVE rolling thread)


I think a lot less about group interactions. Probably because most often when I’m interacting it’s one on one.


everything you do wrong, it’s done in avoidance of pain





I don’t know nearly enough about general pinochet


I am an expert at self sabotage.


I could do stand up but not while sober. I wonder if there is any stand ups that have never performed sober? I’ve certainly never played guitar on stage sober, doesn’t seem that much of a stretch does it?


Just accept the glass of water for however fucking full it happens to be


“have a beer with me”

“I would like to talk to you about something. This is me offering you that opportunity”

it’s cool how we have a sort of second language under the first


how can mirrors be real if we aren’t real?


my dad told me he loved me today

i only just realised now that that’s the first time i’ve ever heard him say that


that’s some meta shit



Can you ever truly get into the corner of something? Like is there an absolute corner? And if i get into it will i suffocate or get stuck?


Only one way to find out.


There definitely isn’t an absolute corner at the end


I don’t think believing in good or evil spirits is all that out there. Or magic.


is it true that you never had a care in the world or do you just not remember your childhood


why are people so boring when they’re stoned?


probably the slow thought


you can turn anyone’s argument on their head by saying “are you sure it’s [there issue} and not just that you’re in pain?”

I’m almost certain this one makes perfect sense in every example but it didn’t make the notebook. someone try to prove otherwise