Stop Funding Hate



dunno if any of you non-cyclists noticed but evans cycles recently decided to pull their advertising from the daily mail, the daily express and the sun. “the editorial content of those three papers runs contrary to their core values”

so now the press gazette is calling on journalists in the UK to boycott evans because they are "an enemy of free speech"

“When advertisers start boycotting newspapers because they don’t agree with what they are saying it puts us on the road to what can becomee a pretty dark place.”

what do you think about that then?


The sun are cunts and if I ran a business I wouldn’t advertise with them, or the other racist papers.

Tend to use Wiggle or an LBS over evans though, gets kinda caught in the middle and is a bit pointless, for me


I think that if the press gazette can’t spellcheck their stuff then it’s no wonder the industry is on its arse.


The values of Carphone Warehouse


…so buy your road bike lights from


there’s one right next to my work and they’ll price match wiggle so will get stuff off there if i cba waiting for a delivery


a place and road full of bike wankers


Sounds like horseshit to me.


“Boycotts are wrong, so let’s err… boycott Evans”


Isn’t it the same logic as no platforming not equalling censorship? People not advertising in shitehouse newspapers isn’t an attack on freedom of speech or rights of the press.


Exactly, Evans have no obligation to advertise with these papers.


Given these papers being pretty pro- privatizing everything and the free market and all that, it seems like a bizarre stance to take when they seem to be saying private companies should be subsidising their private companies through advertising space for the sake of the public good

Faaaaaaack off


Right wing shitbirds in “not understanding what free speech means” shocker.


ooh that’s interesting, didn’t know that.


@plasticmike bangs on about this all the time mate. Think it’s how he has bought every one of his 126 saddles.


now strewn in the hedgrerows of the south east of england


I personally buy every single newspaper available every day, otherwise who knows where we’d end up.


Something very, “you cant fire me, I QUIT” about this


yep, I get pretty much everything I can through Evans price match


the idea that individuals or companies boycotting racist/sexist/homophobic papers is the same as a government or powerful lobby trying to silence them is a piece of absolute marketing genius, tbf