Stop Making Music

The Cure recent Hyde Park show righty sees them referred to as national treasures in plenty of reviews. They haven’t released a new studio album since 2008’s 4:13 Dream and there is fair amount of call for new studio material.
However, The Cure should have stopped making music after The Head On The Door, there’s little or nothing new after that.
New Order should have stopped with Technique.
U2 stop at The Joshua Tree.



In the last few years I’ve developed an admiration for some really prolific bands and now have no real issue with bands continuing to make music all they want.

I feel like there’s a tendency for us as an audience to feel we have some kind of ownership over our favourite bands and say things like “the Pixies need to stop making new albums, they’re destroying their legacy!” but I view it as it’s their band and they seem to be enjoying putting new albums together after all these years so fair play to them really (even if those albums are a bit shite).

Kind of view it as different to something like The Simpsons plodding on pathetically as I can’t really imagine there’s any enjoyment to pumping out more and more shit Simpsons episodes, it’s just turned into too lucrative a corporate enterprise to stop.


Fair point. I just stop listening at the point said artist becomes devoid. I’ve not heard any of The Pixies new material but doubt if I need to.

The Clash - Sandinista.

Kiss me X 3 and blood flowers were great. And doesn’t have to be super new, sometimes if an artist loves what they do let em get on with it


But… Straight To Hell?! :slightly_frowning_face:

Bit biased by nostalgia but for me the s/t cure album from the early 00s had a couple of brilliant songs on it


Wait, you wanted them to stop making music BEFORE Disintegration?

doubtful face


Also I get the New Order thing, but I do still really love Republic.

I can take or leave Republic, but without there’d be no Regret, and that’s not a world I wanna live in

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I did. Sure Disintegration is very good but it is a revisitation.

but for New Order to leave a growing musically legacy rather than a lingering one is far better? To sign off with Acid House completion. Technique should have been their curtain call.

No. U2 get all Madchester / Eno. Means nothing,

And ideally Rattle and Hum never happened

Arcade Fire - Funeral



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I mean I’ve never felt the need to listen to Rattle and Hum, so cant comment on it, but I’m sceptical that it’s so bad that it warrants wiping U2’s best album from the record

I guess that if you ignore all of Kiss Me x3, Disintegration, Wish, Bloodflowers and S/T, plus the killer non-studio album stuff like Never Enough and Burn, then I could agree with this :thinking:

This is about the tenth time I’ve replied to midnightpunk about this exact topic on DiS.


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