Storage heaters


Fuck off and die


Don’t understand these things (this is not an invitation for some nerd to try and explain them to me)


You don’t want me to marckeesplain them to you?


Exactly Dave


I never understood them when I had them. Just used them like electric radiators, switched them on when I wanted it to get warm. Seemed to work okay.


Does fuck all unless you’ve had it switched on overnight to build up heat. They bizarrely only store heat during the night. Not sure how it knows the time. You have to guess one night in advance whether you think you’re going to be bold or not. Hahaahaa.


*cold. Fuck off Sean.


it’s not complicated




Nah, they’re just like a five-bar heater or something, switch them on, they get hot, rooms gets warm, sorted. Probably not the most effective or cost effective way to use them, but it sorted me out.


That’s not a storage heater then.


Think he’s trolling


Well it could be, maybe someone else (mum, dad, TV, flatmate) went through the laborious process of ensuring that they were appropriately charged while yer man here just waltzed in and drained them without a second thought.


a lot of modern storage heaters have an on-demand function now too. so it’s a storage heater with a built in fan heater. you probably had one of those.

it’s obviously way cheaper to use the storage-heat function though.


I dunno. I had units like this in my old flat:

And all I’d ever do with them was get home on a winter evening when it was a bit chilly, switch them on at the plug, and let the heat wash over me. Didn’t do anything to set them up overnight or any of that malarkey.


Haha stupid cunt


it’s obviously way cheaper to use the storage-heat function though.

…if you have an electricity tariff that has cheaper leccy through the night. (Which, granted, is probably to be expected if storage heaters have been installed.)


Remind me of my student house. Took about 7 hours to warm up.



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mate read the the OP! no easy hits