Storage Solutions


Hello, friends. Got a new flat lined up, gonna need to be clever with the space though innit. Got any top storage tips for maximising space?




chuck everything you don’t need

we’ve not actually unpacked most of our possessions since moving and it’s got to the point now where i’m like “we don’t actually need anything do we”



Look at this mates
Isnt it great


This is going to be a matter of some dispute, I can already tell…


Another vote for just chuck everything

I have moved with a suitcase and backpack twice now after chucking everything. Feels good.




How much of that was Warhammer stuff?


just have a big fuck off cathartic declutter, it’s great


I had two KR cases full like this for one of those moves, granted:


Saw them supporting Corrosion of Conformity at the Cathouse once. Great gig.




what’s going on here

there’s something weird about the perspective of this


Yeah, have a proper good purge of everything that you own. If you have paperwork electronically, get rid of the hard copy. You may want to do the same with CDs, DVDs, books etc, but I like to keep mine.

Then it’s Ikea Billy units, innit?

Get some doors as well to store stuff that you don’t want on display.

A standard Billy unit shelf will store 4 shoeboxes full of stuff.


Where did you find a place in the end?


Reckon a good sort out of paperwork will clear up a fair bit of space.

Think our front room will be fine, bedroom and kitchen will need a bit of thinking about though, we don’t currently have wardrobes so we’ll need to get some smart ones, gonna try and maximise under-bed storage as well if possible.

Kitchen has pretty much half the amount of cupboard space we currently have so that might be a struggle as well, a purge of kitchen “gadgets” is needed I think :disappointed:


Teachers/doctors are the worst for hoarding old paperwork and lecture notes.

If it’s online or they’ve got it as a PDF, bin it.


Holloway Road in the end, saw a few places on Stapleton Hall Road in Haringey that didn’t offer much to counter the additional expense of commuting from zone 3 innit.


Ikea besta/eket ranges are good for making wall storage options, especially on walls that have stuff under them, like bed/desk etc.

Or dump a few boxes of stuff in your parents/inlaws loft