Anyone had to store something for a long period of time somewhere?

How much did it cost?

It was free I buried it


Green shipping container quoted me £13 a week.

Whats the vibe with leaving electronics in them?

That means nothing to me oh Vienna.

I live in leeds


Is there a #disruptive business that puts people who want to store stuff in touch with people with empty rooms/lofts/garages. If not I might get disrupting

I used Big Yellow Storage when I was between homes. The rates vary, depending on the size of unit that you need, how long you need it for, and where in the country it is. I think it ended up being about £120 a month for a large unit that fitted in a whole flat’s worth of stuff.

Big Yellow is very secure, weatherproof, and fireproof. If you’re not too worried about that, there are cheaper options.

maximum was a couple of days in a hotel’s luggage room after checking out. was paranoid they’d throw my stuff away or think i’d left a bomb there.

just make sure you turn them off to save on the energy bill?

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I used safestore, they get you with the mandatory insurance

Had an idea of using my storage space to practice drumming, then one time I went someone else was doing that

Got a garage. Costs £6 a week.

Take that, London.

Tried to use the left luggage in London city Airport (really can’t be that rare of an occruance considering the point of the airport). None of the staff there had a clue on how it worked, it was a nightmare!

My future brother-in-law is in the storage business, people store some fucking weird and bad stuff.

gonna need some elaboration here

It’s mostly really grim and probably quite triggering stuff so I probably shouldn’t really elaborate really.

I did wonder this a few months ago when I had stuff to store and the costs were huge. There’s obvious insurance implications but I reckon it could be a goer.

A friend used a storage unit in Slough as a walk-in wardrobe. He was living in Holiday Inn and would get up every morning, shower, walk to the storage unit and change into a shirt & suit for work. It was very Alan Partridge.


You’re such a tease.


Used Kangaroo for a couple of months to store all manner of possessions between homes, including electricals. Was all good. Price was reasonable due to the intro period rate - ramped up a bit after that, as is the business model (but we’d vacated by then). Particularly enjoyed the Utopia TV series vibes.