stories from 90s raves

I’m too young for my own but I grew up on 90s techno and I’d love to hear stories of this scene if any DiSsers were around for this scene, when the drugs were good etc… Listening to Insomnia by Faithless evokes a nostalgia for me but only listening to the CD in my bedroom.

Anyone got stories to share? Or let the thread die I guess :see_no_evil:

I was also a bit young, but caught the end of the jungle scene in the early 90s. Not raves as such, but still fun.

Once worked the cloakroom at a jungle night for a few hours in return for free entry and the fact I was under 18 being ignored. Was a total disaster. Ended up getting really pissed and a local nutter stole DJ Hype’s Chipie coat. :see_no_evil:


Watch that film Beats that came out last year - took me right back (albeit I’m not Scottish)


I watched it on the plane about 3 weeks ago. It was alright (and forgive me for not keeping up with the accent - I’m from overseas) it was a nice film, but ultimately I didn’t know what the point was

I grew up just outside the M25 in Sevenoaks where the Hartnoll brothers are from (hence Orbital = the London orbital) which had loads of the original illegal raves in a field going on. I was annoyingly a bit too young to get involved but a few mates of mine with older siblings got taken along to some of them. Managed to pester my mum into buying me a smiley face t-shirt with the logo ‘Got The E’ on it. Neither of us knew what that actually meant :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

In the summer of '93 I worked in a car garage in Brixton when jungle was blowing up which was very exciting. Was so much faster and harder than anything I’d heard before. Massive sound systems smashing it into the street everywhere.

Went to university in '95 by which point a bunch of the super clubs/nights were up and running. I had a car so used to load up with four or five mates at the weekend and tour round the big northern ciry nights, mostly Back To Basics, Hard Times and Cream. Good times :+1:


thanks for sharing. more please!

Used to be some awesome clubs in some quite surprisingly central locations in London.

My favourite was Turnmills - Heavenly Social was always an incredible night. Either Richard Fearless or The Chemical Brothers (then The Dust Brothers) DJ’d pretty much every week. I remember all four of The Prodigy turning up in their heyday which was quite :open_mouth: First venue in the UK to get a 24 hour licence too. Demolished - now an office building.

Bagleys in the old yard space at the back of Kings Cross was also great - absolutely huge and set in an industrial wasteland. Sometimes felt like you’d stepped into The Thunderdome. Demolished - now Granary Square.

Se1 was also huge, but in a more labyrinthe manner, running underneath London Bridge station, Very easy to lose your mates in here. Closed - current purpose unknown.

The Gardening Club was possibly the most incongrous, sat right on Covent Garden Piaza. Used to host some hard, hard techno nights. Closed - now the Apple Store.




Bagleys was amazing. Was always quite strange having a garage room in the middle of two proper having it trance ones though.

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We had an u18s night at a local club during the height of the rave scene, so that was my main exposure to it all. But I did head to one organised rave at a local sports centre. The flyer boasted of “raised dance platforms” and “projections”. There turned out to be a load of table tennis tables lined up and, what appeared to be, the DJ’s holiday snaps on an overhead projector.

It was a cracking night, tbf, but was hardly representative of what the scene was really like.

By the time I was old enough to really head out on my own, I was a full on grunger/indie kid and basically shunned all dance music of any sort.


The building still stands, it is now part of Coal Drops Yard, a shopping centre with high-end shops and restaurants.

A new music venue will open next month in the area. It’s called Lafayette and is located on Goods Way.

I was too young to go to Turnmills in the 90s, but it was still pretty great in the noughties. As was the 414 in Brixton (which sadly closed its doors last year).


Mrs m_b would have a heap of these from Scottish rave days from 93 onwards. I myself have none. It’s good to contribute

Might be too late for what youre interested in, but uaed to be fairly regular at the after dark club in morley for orbit. It was by a massive distance the best club ive been too. Sound was amazing, everyone smoking spliffs in the chillout room, everyone knew who had the drugs. Incredible djs. People on the stairs going apeshit

Was 18-21, and not previously into dance music (or drugs, other than weed) at all. Seeing the likes of jeff mills, surgeon, luke slater, aphex etc whilst pilling my head off was absolutely mind blowing. Always ended up at some randoms house coming down and smoking weed until dawn.

Remember leaving the club once and a resident throwing an entire bucket of water over my head. Fair enough really.


I lived on the outskirts of Leeds, backing onto farmland. One night in, I think 1988, my brother and I were laid in bed when amazing lights from outside lit up our bedroom. We thought aliens had landed in the field. It was strobe lights. We could hear music too, in the distance. I left the house and went to investigate, meaning I attended what must have been one of the first illegal raves at the age of 14!


It might have been the summer of ‘89, reading back on rave history, but I’m certain it was 1988.

Oh yeah, i was doing this 96-00 btw… think @zxcvbnm2 was doing so slightly earlier…

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First place I ever lived in London was on Coldharbour Lane. 414 was a dirty, dirty club :+1:


I have almost literally nothing to add to this thread as it was never my thing, but this documentary is fantastic and well worth a watch. Not currently available on iplayer so not sure how to watch, but here you go …


Oh yeah, Bagleys was great.

Didn’t venture into London all that often for jungle stuff as none of us were driving at that point. Went to Lazerdrome on Rye Lane once which was mad. Actually mildly intimidating for a bunch of green lads from the sticks. I had no real sense of where anything was back then. Remember ripping pages out of an A-Z just so we could find the venue.

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