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Who’s in the wrong?

For those who don’t want to click a Daily Mail link - vlogger contacts hotel asking for free board in exchange for ‘promotion’, hotel replies via Facebook in pretty direct but not unreasonable terms (without naming her), she makes video about it and accuses the hotel of encouraging bullying.

I’m pretty split. Don’t agree with all that something for nothing culture, she seems a bit entitled, but the hotel are arguably a bit naive engaging. At the same time they’re probably not responsible for social media generally being a cesspit, but has she got a point?

seems like she’s the one doing the bullying

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Vloggers doing adverts - fine
Vloggers calling out people who don’t want to advertise - arseholes
Vloggers doing adverts and pretending they’re not adverts - the spawn of Satan.

Oh and worst of all, vloggers who call adverts “collaborations”.

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The hotelier in question is fairly well known for publicity seeking himself tbf. (the answer is everyone involved looks like a tool, but vloggers are special kinds of tools)

If the reply didn’t name her then that seems pretty reasonable tbh.

Would absolutely not be surprised if, say, the same pr firm were representing both parties or something :

I’m instinctively on the side of whoever is vs the vlogger in most situations


What about when two vloggers are having a go at each other?

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I’m on the side of old media

Is it too late to burn down the internet and start again?


This saddens me Ant

Wait a minute! I didn’t say that!

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imagine being so vain that you asked someone if you could stay at their hotel for free so you can take pictures of your made up face in said hotel so that you could post them to your equally vacuous sheep

probably both got what they wanted from this though, now v ‘as featured in the daily mail’ logger and ho ‘as featured in the daily mail’ tel

this fucking world

I’m almost certain you did.

dont really think the response from the hotel owner is that bad

if I owned a business which seems to be doing quite well and someone came over asking for a free stay for added promotion, I’d be a bit miffed. seems like she needed telling tbh

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Find out AFTER the break. We’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere

Bit of both really.

I’m not sure if I’m much of a fan of people calling other people / companies out on social media.* Always seems a bit showy on behalf of the complainant. Friend of mine posted a picture on his FB feed of a M&S pizza that was burnt round the edges and another friend commented “post it on their Facebook / Twitter page!!”. Just seems a bit disproportionate.

*obviously talking about relatively petty stuff.

Having read that I am 100% certain that this is the fruits of their “collaboration”

Even had the decency not to name her it seems.