Storm Brendan Evening Thread

What a fucking lame name for a storm :joy: disappear in shame, tbh

How’s it looking where you are?

Probs pulling an all nighter tonight revising because I abhor good organisation


is there a storm?

I wondered why it was so cold and miserable today

It’s windy - think tomorrow night looks worse, is that sill gonna be Brendan or some other storm ?

Windy and rainy. Still got ages to go with this sourdough.

Think he’s more or less doing a fosbury flop

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I know someone called Brendan and was once at a gig with someone he was sleeping with while he was there with someone else he was sleeping with in secret so think it’s a good name because the only Brendan I know is a cunt.


This the evening thread?

No storm here, hope everyone is safe for those that might be affected.

If evening thread: Out of work early, listening to Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, going to switch over to Dinosaur Jr after this record.

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This bus is going all over the shop presumably due to wind. If I die tell my WiFi love her.

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making ratatouille again, i have added a lot of garlic.

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Windy as fuck here, but it always is. Gonna make a curry for tea as soon as I can be bothered, tired out and a bit :frowning:

I’m on a bus soaked through. It’s chucking it down outside so I’ll get more soaked on the walk home.

tv’s train home delayed by at least an hour. curse you brendan!

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Bouncin enough garlic there m9?

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Where is @Slicky?

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Got soaked walking home. More fool me for thinking ooh ill walk from the next tube stop to get a bit more exercise. Who do you bloody well think you are tilty?

Pressing tofu for dinner.

Gonna start saying ‘what in tarnation?!?!’ more in 2020

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what in tamarind

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What in Lisa Tarbuck

Spent all day filling out diversity forms, induction forms, police check forms the lot. Fuck that, need a pint. Might give up wage slavery for new year.