Storm Brendan Evening Thread

That is going to be so good! Oof

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I’m even more soaked. The bus driver terminated the bus early and said to get on the bus behind. But the bus behind pulled away before we could get on.

not sure yet tilts, i’ll be sure to let you know once i get to eat it. :slight_smile:

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It’s shallot

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Quit job. Went gym. Eating curry. Quizzing.


best thing rio ferdinand did:

  • rio’s world cup windups
  • football career

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where are you on the scale of Ehhhh to moonwalking out the office high fiving everyone as you go?

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not to suggest that your resignation turned into a threesome or owt.


Honestly feel like I’ve broken my neck today, from just existing, no actual injury.

Incredibly bland pasta for dinner. It’s making me quite sad.

Feel properly rubbish today; and I’ve got an inexplicable sense of foreboding to go with it too; so that’s nice.

Getting up at 5am to get a train to Manchester for a one hour meeting.

the way he has “prince” in quotation marks really gets on my nerves for some reason


I said sorry 256 times



it’s much harder to make yourself go to the gym when you have to drive for 20 minutes than when it’s a five minute walk.

quite hungry. not that windy here i don’t think but quite shitey.

Oh no :pensive: Don’t be sad chief. My mate once boiled some pasta, added some bacon (which he’d cut up with scissors I might add) and then threw a couple of Babybel’s in for good measure. It can’t be any worse than that surely?


Go to the gym

If his music sucked I would surely agree with you, but it doesn’t so I’ll have to go with the artist’s moniker here. :laughing:

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Made Sri Lankan fish curry for dinner. My wife turned to me and asked, ‘does white fish have much nutritional value?’ I responded, ‘I’m not sure, but it certainly has a lot of nutFishional value’. She can still be heard sighing to this very day.



i’m gonna. just waiting for it to get less busy (hopefully)

could also smash some dinner but don’t want it sloshing around inside me. probs get a banana.

Left the bike in work to avoid getting blown away, probably a good call. Going pub quizzing with some DiSers :nerd_face:


Cycled home through ‘storm’ Brendan.

I cycled right into the teeth of the wind and said “Come on then Brendan, give me your worst”. He did, but I still made it home!

1:0 casinobay

Home made lasagne for dinner.

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